A&E General Contracting is a profitable, high performance general contracting firm with top tier human resources.  We have proven ourselves to be capable of executing highly profitable public and private construction contracts with significant experience in government, military and municipal contracting. The contracting sector we are most competitive in is shallow marine and eco-dredge.



As a HUBZone certified firm and under HUBZone Certified Contractor Cage Code: 5BTD5 NAICS Codes: 221 (Utilities) 236 (Buildings) 237 (Heavy Civil) 238 (Specialty Trades), we are pre-qualified to respond on sources sought government solicitations, small business set-asides as well as sole sourcing opportunities.



Given the diverse project experience this team of professionals holds, the complexity and variety of project types that can be properly supervised is dramatically increased. Flexibility in management assignments and seasoned standards in quality control from the estimating phase through project close out leverage our experience resources into time-tested successful projects.



The execution of contracting, constructing and closing out safe, profitable projects is never an easy task.  Determination, skill, hard work, and sheer grit combined with an experienced team with a track record of success is the best bet.  Project duties shall be allocated on a project by project basis. However, 90% of day to day project tasks and business administration are already in place within the existing business and will not change.



Competition in the present economic climate is driving many contractors to adopt strategies that lead to undermined quality by bidding projects lower than what it takes to reasonably complete them. As a HUBZone contractor, A&E shall have a significant advantage over the vast majority of contractors in its pursuit of federal project opportunities.  This reduces some of our competition.  Our approach with regard to what remaining competition we have is simple. We place an emphasis on accuracy in takeoff and estimating.  We aren’t going into any project without adequate monetary coverage in all facets of the project.  A fee percentage shall be determined on a project by project basis. If we cannot land a project at a profit, then we shall adopt a “wait and see” approach with regard to project bidding.  With this strategy, there is zero risk to our surety carrier and we can accurately portray ourselves to our repeat clients as a stable firm able to weather economic complexities.



The outlook for profitability for the organization is outstanding.  There are an increasing amount of contracts being set aside in all of our diverse business sectors each week. Federal funding is pouring into the divisions of infrastructure that we do best.


A Profit Plan With Muscle

To elevate an existing, profitable, general contracting firm to a high performance, general contracting and shallow-water marine civil and eco-dredging contractor complete with top tier human resources.

A&E General Contracting shall be capable of executing highly profitable public and private shallow-water and eco-dredging marine civil construction contracts.  A&E General Contractors shall also continue to perform traditionally profitable general and civil contracting projects.

Furthermore, government and municipal contract opportunities shall be targeted due to their high level of timely payment during economic slowdown.



Given the economic scenario currently evolving in the United States, vast changes are occurring in the construction industry nation wide.  These changes are visible in day to day analysis of general construction bidding opportunities and concentration of competitive contractors who respond to these bidding opportunities.  The trend which has become visible in today’s construction economy is that general construction bidding opportunities have decreased markedly while bidders lists are growing to the point of absurdity.  This virtually eliminates opportunity for contractors to maintain any level of profit margin as most low bidding contractors bid these jobs at less than cost in order to maintain the company’s existing work force. The outlook for general construction has become bleak.

However, another trend has become very visible.  Since the American federal government has responded to the economic downturn by earmarking federal funding for construction through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, these funds are beginning to appear in the construction economy as project bidding opportunities.  With these new funds being distributed throughout all sectors of the construction economy, one sector, marine civil construction, remains a promising sector for profitability as funded projects are increasing and competition remains relatively lower than that in the general construction industry.


Given the team of construction professionals which have been assembled for this profitable opportunity, general contracting projects would be sought.  However, the centerpiece prospect of this proposal is Army Corps of Engineer waterway dredging projects.

We are very excited about the prospect of what we feel may be the last great season to create unlimited wealth in the general economy for some time.  We are at the dawn of this occasion.  This is an opportunity to capitalize.



As a HUB Zone certified firm and under NAICS code 237 we are allowed to fill out sources sought government solicitations to open up sole sourcing opportunities.  This is a fantastic opportunity to negotiate projects with the federal government at a time where federally funded contracting opportunities are materializing at a windfall pace.

With further analysis of the American macro economic landscape, one can easily deduce the inevitable outcome of the existing machinery.  With the nation’s current account deficit tipping the scales at 7% of GDP, continuously increasing unemployment, skyrocketing debt levels across all sectors, erosion of equity in real estate, record breaking bankruptcies and revelation of corporate and government corruption at epic proportions, the United States dollar must eventually go the way of the horse and carriage.

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